Sennheiser Momentum Free Wireless Bluetooth Headphones down 61.66% (£110.99 Off)

These Sennheiser Momentum Free Wireless Bluetooth headphones are down a whopping 61.66% (£110.99) to £69, an all time low! These are the special edition headphones, currently £20.79 cheaper than Sennheiser’s regular model at the time of writing.

When investigating this deal we saw some interesting pricing patterns. Since late last year these headphones have bounced between £70 and £180 on 5 occasions! Most of the time these are priced at £180. If you see these at that price then it’s worth holding on. At £69, it’s the best you’ll get. Compared to other brand headphones this is exceptional value.

The only major differences between regular and special editions are that the special edition headphones are red and black, and come in environmentally friendly plain packaging. Other than that it’s the same. The special edition is currently £20.79 cheaper, so we’d go for the special edition while the deal lasts.

If you’ve had Sennheiser headphones before you know what to expect – decent quality sound, decent passive noise cancellation and slightly different ear bud sizing to other vendors. There are 4 different sized buds supplied. Trying them all will make a world of difference in the long run.

Speaking of running, the headphone cable is adjustable and the buds should hold firm in your ears. The headphones last up to 6 hours from a USB charge. We’d take that with a pinch of salt but still expect at least 4 under heavy use. The headphones support three-way calling and multi-connection with up to two devices at once.

The price is an all time low… by £1. It does fluctuate a lot, so we expect it to go up fairly quickly. Used prices are between £129-£169.60, so at this price you’re getting an absolute steal.