Swann CCTV Security Camera Kit (Save £196.03)

Swann Security Cameras

Save £196.03 on this Swann CCTV Security Camera Kit at 25% off it’s previous price. At the time of writing this 8-channel Swann security camera kit with 2Tb HDD and 6x 4K Bullet Cameras is available for £569.99, down from a prior price of £766.02. That sounds a lot but has everything you need to protect your home.

Swann CCTV 8-Channel 2TB 6x 4K Security Camera Kit

The kit comes with 6 cameras and a 2Tb NVR-8580 unit to store your images, which can be backed up to the cloud using Dropbox. Unlike regular home security cameras needing separate data and power cables, the Cameras are powered by the supplied Ethernet data connections.

You might expect Wifi cameras in this day and age. Wifi cameras are often less secure. If someone can force a wifi camera to disconnect from your network (which is shockingly easy), then there’ll be no coverage of what happens next.

Swann CCTV Security Camera Kit  (Save £196.03) 1

The 4K Cameras work day and night recording both pictures and audio. Swann claims a range of 45m in complete darkness, and 60m with ambient light. Either way it should be enough to pick up number plates, facial features and off-camera voices should the worst happen.

Swann claim advanced features like facial recognition and “4k Analytics” in their listing, but we’d take that with a pinch of salt.

We much preferred features like phone app push notifications when warm objects (e.g. people) are detected at night.

Swann CCTV Security Camera Kit  (Save £196.03) 2

You might notice that Amazon are advertising a whopping £430 off, while we’re claiming a discount of slightly under £200. This is a cheeky little game where Amazon gives you a discount against RRP. The vendor sets the RRP but they also set the Amazon listing price, so how good is this deal really?

The kit has bounced between £700 and £850 a few times this year and was more expensive last year. It’s cheaper than the lowest 3rd-party new price, and below the average used price on Amazon. It is a record low price for this item, but other bundles are available if you need fewer cameras or would be happy with HD. The 4 camera version of this deal is £23.11 cheaper, but we’ve seen the 4K cameras on eBay for sale around £80 each or £120 a pair.

We investigated the reviews as some raised alarms (sorry!). The lowest scoring reviews came in over 2018 and 2019, and it looks like others haven’t had problems since. If you’re looking for a high-end CCTV Camera for the home or small office this Swann CCTV security camera will get the job done at a nice price.