Seek Thermal Imaging Camera (£134.44 Off)

Seek Thermal iOS Camera

This Seek Thermal Compact Pro High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera is hot stuff at a cool £339.99 (down from £474.43). It’s ideal for contractors or home improvements. It uses a USB-C connection to an Android phone for high quality Infra Red thermal imaging. iOS owners needn’t feel left out, this post has something extra special for you.

Seek Thermal Android Camera

The Seek Thermal imaging camera features a large, 320 x 240 thermal Sensor and a wide 32 degree field of view to detect anything from pipes to electrical faults. It also works at distances of up to 1800 feet. One of the reviews talks about spotting foxes across from football pitches at night. We’d mostly use one to check walls for damp, insulation gaps, radiator issues and pipe problems.

Obviously this works in the day or night, but the feature that stood out to us was the video recording. We’ve had major house problems in the past couple of years and being able to send infra red video of faults could’ve been a real boon in our boiler battles.

Seek Thermal IR Android Camera

Seek Thermal are playing a cheaky pricing game. The Android version is absolutely the lowest price we’ve seen and it really is a great deal. If you have an iOS device, the iOS option on the Android page is £379.99.

But wait… The same vendor has listed the same same model elsewhere on Amazon for £299.99! This is a pricing game called Price Anchoring and we see it all the time. You see the Android price, and see a higher iOS price. As iOS devices tend to cost more, it’s easy to think iOS model attracts a premium price.

As far as we’re aware both listings have the same iOS model, but might be slightly different versions. The specs look the same to us. It’s not the lowest price we’ve seen for the iOS version, that was £207 for one day late last year.

The Android deal is absolutely fantastic and the alternative £299.99 deal for iOS owners is still below average. It’s possible we’ll see this go lower, but this is aleady way below average pricing. Sneaky pricing games aside, these are both great deals. Don’t hate the player, join our mailing list and we’ll help you beat them at their own game.