Sealey ECS350 60/350A 12/24V Electronic Charger Starter (£102.30 Off)

Save £102.30 with this Sealey ECS350 Electronic Charger Starter. This unusual item is a state of the art charger for modern car batteries. At £584.31 this is the lowest price seen at the time of writing.

The starter is suitable for AGM/GEL, Lead Acid, and Lead Calcium as well as stop/start batteries found on electric and hybrid vehicles. It has more whizzbang widgets than make sense to us to be honest, but surge and spike protection will ensure protection from damage to electrical systems. It also has a nifty power supply mode, providing support for the battery to prevent it from being drained during prolonged electronic diagnostic checks and software updates. The charger can also provide power support for vehicles displayed in showrooms or forecourts.