2 Samsung Galaxy S10 Phones (£105.41 Off)

Samsung have dropped prices on two Samsung Galaxy phones by £105.41 in this deal. There’s a Prism Black Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite on offer at £463.59 and a black Samsung Galaxy S10 at £563.59.

Both are good phones and are great prices. The S10 lite has been for sale at 1 penny cheaper, so it’s just short of it’s lowest price. The full-sized S10 is at it’s lowest ever price. Although the two are different, we wanted to bundle them together so our subscribers only get one alert.

The Galaxy S10 has a 6.1″ WQHD+ screen, while the S10 lite has a 6.7″ FHD+ screen. In laymans terms this means the S10 has a better resolution, but the S10 lite has a bigger screen.

Both have 4 cameras, and you’re probably not going to notice a huge difference between the models. The S10 Lite has a bigger battery, but remember the screen is also bigger so battery isn’t a straightforward comparison.

It’s not immediately clear from the sale but we suspect these are returned/unwanted stock, hence the low price. If you want an S10 at the lowest price possible, this is it. It’s way cheaper that what you’ll find elsewhere and if it wasn’t being sold by Samsung directly we wouldn’t have listed the deal. If you want to save another £100 on top, the S10 lite is the one to go for. We’d go for the lite but that’s because we take every chance to save £100 we can get.

This is a chance to get Samsung’s flagship phones at an all time low price. We don’t expect to see it lower than this. Expect to see fingerprints on the phone and hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised.