Razer Blade 15″ Gaming Laptop (Save £256.96)

Razer Blade 15" Gaming Laptop (Save £256.96) 1

We first saw this in a phenomenal deal of the day at £1099. At the time of writing this has gone up to £1392.04 but is still over £255 less than the £1649 sold previously. Normally we avoid deals of the day but the original discount was too much to ignore. The 2019 Base Model Razer Blade 15″ was sold at over £1649 until mid-July this year. Razer dropped the price to £1099 for the deal and it has now settled at £1392.04.

Razer Blade 15" Gaming Laptop (Save £256.96) 2

The Razor Blade laptop has a 15 Inch 144Hz Display, GeForce GTX 1660Ti, 16Gb of RAM and a 256GB SSD. It uses an Intel Core i7 CPU running up to 4.5Ghz.

We would’ve liked to see a 512Gb SSD or 4K display. It wouldn’t be at this price if it had one. The price is clearly pushed up by the GeForce GTX. We have checked and this is the lowest price we could find anywhere but the price is only available for 10 hours from the time of this post.

Razer Blade 15" Gaming Laptop (Save £256.96) 3

As with all things, there’s a catch. The laptop is definitely beefy, and exceptional value for the price but bear in mind you’re getting a 1080p HD Screen, 256Gb of RAM and some of the reviews aren’t so good.

A lot of the negative reviews are about problems with the laptop not working. Razer have bundled the variants of the laptop into one listing. This means that the reviews for any variant are listed. Most of the negative reviews are for other models of the laptop.

Razer Blade 15" Gaming Laptop (Save £256.96) 4

Will you be able to get this specific laptop at this kind of price again? It’s unlikely. We correctly predicted a return to £1200-£1450 and expect it to stay in that range Is it worth getting? Gaming laptops are notoriously hard to do well and it’s not surprising that reviews are mixed. They need proper air flow and shouldn’t run continuously at high load.

If you’re already looking for a gaming laptop, at £1099 this is a steal. Once the deal expires, it’ll probably still be ok but not great. We’ll update this post once we see the price settle.