Lowepro Camera Bag, Pro Roller X200 (Save £121.07)

Lowepro Camera Bag

Save a whopping 40% (£121.07) on this Lowepro Camera bag. At the time of writing, this Lowepro Pro Roller X200 is on sale at £179.22 compared to it’s previous price of £300.29. This Lowepro camera bag can fit everything a pro photographer needs on the go. Expect to fit 2 DSLRs with grip, 6-8 lenses and a 17″ laptop with space for documents, notebooks and more.

Lowepro X200 AW Pro Roller

The Pro Roller X200 has a long-wearing ballistic nylon hardshell exterior for impact protection. The case wheels have ABEC-5 rated bearings for smooth and long-lasting squeak-free rolling. There’s a dual-button trolley handle with leather backing and an all-weather AW cover to protect your gear from the elements. A TSA-approved lock with locking zippers will get you through security with ease. There’s a pocket for a 17″ laptop, interior storage panel for cables, filters, chargers etc. and a 6.2-7.7″ contour to fit a longer lens.

Lowepro X200 AW Pro Roller Camera Bag

The big question is: “Is this a good deal?”. We think it is. At 40% off it’s at the lowest price we’ve seen. In fact, at £179.22 it’s lower than the lowest 3rd-party seller new price we’ve seen at £227.48 in 2015, and below the average used price of £247.86.

We checked eBay for a second opinion and the Amazon price was below all UK eBay seller prices. There were some available in the US, but after international shipping were close to or above this price. Basically, we don’t expect to see this at a lower price any time soon.

If you’re looking for a photography gear bag that can handle pretty much everything you need for a wedding, event or astrophotography trip, this is definitely worth a look. If you only have one camera, we’d suggest a smaller bag. At 40% off, we think the Lowerpro Pro Roller X200 is a great deal.