2019 Apple Macbook Pro (13-inch) 8Gb RAM, 512Gb Storage (£250.01 Off)

This 13-inch Silver Apple Macbook Pro is now £250 off! Macbooks are always expensive, but at 1,549.98 this is nearly a 14% discount which is rare for Apple products. The current price is an all time low from both first and third-party Amazon sellers.

Many people either want Apple products or hate them but timing is everything in getting a good deal. Apple are very good at supporting hardware for long periods of time. In fact I’m typing this on a 7 year old Macbook Air still receives updates.

There are tons of new features but whether or not they matter is really down to you. We think this is a very good deal for a new Macbook Pro, and buying last year’s model can save you a small fortune.