Save Sherpa was founded by Marizel Fourie and Steve Lord at Raw Hex as a project to test our internally developed anomaly detection engine. We fed it Amazon price data and it spat out details on extreme price changes.

Amazon pricing is a minefield. Vendors manipulate pricing to make you think you’re getting a good deal when you’re not. By spotting these patterns, we can take advantage of temporary dips and obtain products at enormous discounts. Save Sherpa levels the playing field, resulting in massive savings on electronics, homewares and clothing. We strip out anything that looks weird, and post the best finds here.

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Marizel Fourie
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Steve Lord

Most price hunting services work by asking you about products you’re interested in and providing affiliate links. We’re only interested in how much you can save per deal. The site is funded by affiliate links. Whether you use them or not is up to you.

We support British Pounds in alpha. In Beta we will expand to support Amazon US, ES and DE, along with Dollars and Euro. You can get our deals via email, Twitter, RSS or our Reddit.